Listings in Excipients and Drug Formulation

An excipient is a pharmacologically inactive substance formulated alongside the active pharmaceutical ingredient of a medication. Purposes served by excipients:

  • Provide bulk to the formulation
  • Facilitate drug absorption or solubility and other pharmacokinetic considerations.
  • Aid in handling of “API” during manufacturing.
  • Provide stability and prevent from denaturation.
  • Excipients has No interaction with drug. Pharmacologically inert. Feasible.

A list of Pharmaceutical Excipients used in pharmaceutical preparations usually: Fillers. Binders. Disintegrants. Coatings. Sorbents. Antiadherent. Lubricants. Glidants. Preservatives. Antioxidants. Flavoring Agents. Sweeting Agents. Coloring Agents. Solvent & Co-solvent. Buffering Agents. Chelating Agents. Viscosity imparting Agents. Surface Active Agents. Humectants.